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What is a Qualified Pointe Shoe Fitter?

There are courses available to teach how to fit pointe shoes, but more is needed. Often these courses consist of a one day seminar. This does not give experience with different shaped feet, dealing with dancers problems, and fitting with different brands or styles of pointe shoes. Unfortunately there is no international recognition of a truly qualified pointe shoe fitter. So how can you know that you are getting the service you need to find the right pair of pointe shoes for you?

Ask your teacher if they have any recommended retailers where you can have your pointe shoes fitted sucessfully. Ask other students in your classes for their opinion, where they got their shoes from, and how they are finding them?

A persons reputation and experience in pointe shoe fitting will reveal if they are thoroughly qualifed.

As teachers do have preferences you will do well to find a pointe shoe fitter that will allow an exchange if your teacher does not like the shoe. This doesn't necessarily mean they have been fitted incorrectly, but it comes down to the aesthetics of your shoes.


Pointe Shoe Fitting with: That's Entertainment Dancewear


That's Entertainment Dancewear, located in Liverpool, we have been supplying the North West for over 22 years.
We are the North West's most established and experienced Pointe shoe fitters and Dancewear suppliers. 

During this time we have fitted many girls and boys with different strengths & abilities, from beginners to professional dancers.

During our career of 27 years we have gained an extensive knowledge of Pointe shoes, their fitting and through our strong working relationships with major Pointe shoe manufacturers, we keep up to date with the ever changing technology. To date we have five qualified fitters available throughout the week.


Appointments are available Monday - Saturday
To book an appointment please phone us on 0151 298 1905

That's Entertainment Dancewear is located in Liverpool,
Close to the city centre, Lime Street train station and National Express coach station.

We recommend you allow 45 minutes to an hour for the complete Pointe Shoe Fitting.

Please bring a pair of ballet socks, or convertible ballet tights.

Please note we will need to look at your bare feet, please ensure they are clean and any verrucas are covered.

If you have had Pointe shoes before, please bring any toe pads you wear and your last pair of Pointe shoes.

If you are a beginner we will examine you feet, and using our 25 step procedure we will fit your shoes whilst explaining the process thoroughly. If you have any questions feel free to ask us on the day.

If you are a student and have worn Pointe shoes before please bring your last pair of Pointe shoes, so that we can examine these and understand your likes and dislikes, we will cover an additional 10 steps to resolve any issues you may have had, this will really add to the fitting.

If you have experienced any problems let us know, with our knowledge and expertise we can identify common foot problems and often have solutions to avoid problems en Pointe.

We are passionate about the correct fitting of Pointe shoes. We keep records of the shoes we fit to help with fitting procedures on the day and for future fittings. By doing so we are also able to build up a good relationship that can enhance your fitting experience.

Trusting and relying on you fitter is essential and we want to provide as much help for you to succeed in enjoying your dancing en Pointe. The aftercare of you Pointe shoes is vital if you want to get the most out of them. This is why we take the time to explain these details during your fitting.

There are a lot of important factors within a Pointe shoe fitting, this is all examined to determine the Pointe shoe most suitable for you. It does not only have to be aesthetically pleasing but it is an issue of safety too. By getting your Pointe shoes correctly fitted you reduce the risk of injury and ensure the correct technique as you dance.

Over 350 Pairs of Pointe Shoes in stock, ranging from childs size 13 up to adults size 11

Styles available at That's Entertainment:

Freed Studio II

Grishko 2007

Grishko 2007 Pro Flex

Grishko Triumph

Bloch Axis

Bloch Aspiration

Bloch Triumph

Bloch Synergy

Bloch Serenade TMT

Bloch Balance European

Sansha 202

Sansha Ovation

Sansha Etudes


We also sell Demi Pointe Shoes (Softs Blocks):


Grishko 2007 Exam

Sansha Demi Pointe


Please Note: If you purchase a pair of Pointe shoes from us on the day of your fitting there is no fitting fee, if no shoes are purchased on the day you will be changed £15.00 and will be given the details of what Pointe shoes fit you.


To buy a professional Pointe Shoe Fitting with That's Entertainment Dancewear please follow the link: