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Should I keep swopping my shoes from one foot to the other?

Posted by [email protected] on September 3, 2011 at 6:30 AM

Some students ask whether they should keep changing the way they wear their shoes to even out the amount the shoes wear out. Is this really the best thing to do?

With your shoes you do want to get the most wear out of them, and there are ways of doing this (please see the information page). But you also want to mold in your shoes to each foot. There are often small differences in the shape of each of your feet and you are likely to notice these differences in your pointe shoes, as they will be fitting very securely. If you do swop you shoes over you are likely to mold the pair of shoes to your bigger foot, and this will make your dancing harder for your smaller foot (the backs of shoes will slip off, and you may feel added pressure on your big toe).

When you have purchased your shoes, checked them over with your dance teacher and are happy, you should try your shoes on again. Try each shoe on each foot and see what you prefer. Some pointe shoes have slight differences even in a pair, and this may feel better on certain feet. Once you know which shoe you will be wearing on each foot mark which one is for your right foot, and which one is for you left foot.

By following this process you will also be helping out with your next pointe shoe fitting. A professional fitter can often identify which is your stronger foot, any areas you are struggling with, or why a shoe may have snapped. (For more information on these topics please refer to the information page under Pointe Shoe Problems)

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