En Pointe

Professional Pointe Shoe Advice

Metatarsal Exercise

This exercise will strengthen all the correct muscles used for ballet, when pointing your feet. It will build up your control over key areas for pointe work and improve your alignment, making you aware of the lines used in ballet. The guide below is designed for use with a fitness band, this is so you have a resistance to work against. These fitness bands come in different strengthes, do not automatically buy the hardest strength as you may strain or injure yourself. Instead ask a sales advisor what would be best for your grade in ballet.

Step 1.

  • Sit on the floor with you feet stretched in front of you.

Step 2.

  • Line up the centre of the hip with the knee, ankle, heel and 2nd toe.

Step 3.

  • Flex your foot and position the band around the ball of your foot and toes.

Step 4.

  • Push through with the ball of the foot into a demi pointe position.

Step 5.

  •  Make sure you are not curling you toes as this will strain your muscles and be ineffective to strengthening the area.

Step 6.

  •  Now lengthen the toes through the exercise band completing the pointe.

Step 7.

  • Slowly release the toes back to demi pointe.

Step 8.

  • Bring the foot back to a complete flex.